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WhatsApp Business API

Promote Engagement at Every Stage

  • Create custom campaigns by segmenting your audience based on customer attributes and behaviors.

Campaign flow
  • Push personalized offers and discounts, and reminders for abandoned carts to capture your users' attention and boost engagement.

  • Build trust with your customers by sharing timely updates on orders, suggestions for add-ons, and handling cancellations and refund requests.

Grow your business on WhatsApp

Engage audience, accelerate sales and drive business outcomes.

Brand Verification

Green tick

Cost Advantage

Price advantage

WhatsApp Ecosystem
WhatsApp Enterprise Use cases

Practical Use Cases for a Business Organization

  • Client Updates: Inform clients about project timelines, changes, and milestones.

  • Appointment Scheduling: Arrange meetings and site visits efficiently.

  • Customer Support: Handle inquiries about services, quotes, and project details promptly.

  • Feedback Collection: Solicit feedback on completed projects to improve future services.

  • Internal Coordination: Facilitate communication between different teams, contractors, and suppliers.

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